Case Study

Topics: Scientific method, Science, Traumatic brain injury Pages: 11 (1946 words) Published: May 15, 2015
GAC013 Assessment Event 2: Case Study Investigation

Compare and Contrast:
Picking Up a Second Language Is Predicted by Ability to Learn Patterns and
Language Instruction Improved with Fun and Games

Student’s Name: Susie 成思齐
Student ID#: GAC000
Teacher: Mark Kelly
Due Date: 15 December 2014
Word Count: 1712
Table of Contents

2.0Research Methodology5
5.0Conclusions and Recommendations10
5.1 Conclusions10
5.2 Recommendations10
Reference List11


This scientific research compares and contrasts two different scientific advances about influencing factors of language learning. The given advances are about abilities of learning patterns and informal exposures, and both of them were said to have positive influence on language learning. The background information was founded on the internet and finally the result was analyzed based on the organizer sheet and references. Although there are several differences and similarities between them, and I judged that the first advance makes the most significant contribution to human progress. These two advances can be applied to learning a second language or be used in other fields.

1.0 Introduction

Learning a second language has always been concerning people in modern society since it has become a necessary skill to survive in competitions. This research aimed to compare and contrast a pair of scientific advances in all aspects. The two articles addressed different opinions about language learning. In the first article, Picking Up a Second Language Is Predicted by Ability to Learn Patterns, the advance is that the ability to learn patterns is related to language learning. The second article, Language Instruction Improved with Fun and Games addressed that informal exposure helps to learn a second language with ease. The ability of learning patterns can be strongly related to skills of grasping a new sensorimotor (Action vedio games bolster sensorimotor skills, study finds 2014). Furthermore, it is said that capacities of learning can be related to brain’s shape, which means pattern learning might be relevant to this field (Brain shape affects children’s learning capacities 2013). According to these reasons, I expect the first scientific advance to make the greatest contribution to scientific knowledge since it can be applied to further studies, and its finding can be connected to other fields.

2.0 Research Methodology

First, I undertook research to compare and contrast two recent scientific advances chosen from the reading list provided. I organized my findings using the Compare/Contrast Organizer. Second, I found two more peer-reviewed resources for each advance on the internet. Finally, I analyzed all the aspects mentioned in the organizer, and judged that the most significant advance is topic 1. This method is considered to be scientific because the comparison can be implemented based on the aspects provided in the organizer, and the peer reviewed background references.

3.0 Findings

Topic 1: Picking Up a Second Language Is Predicted by Ability to Learn Patterns This scientific advance proved the connection between the ability of learning patterns and picking up a second language. It belongs to psychological science as the article mentioned. It was proved by a psychological experiment implemented with a group of students by examining the ability in learning the statistical regularities of the shape sequences as well as the performance of picking up on the structure of words and sounds in Hebrew.This experiment was conducted by Ram Frost of Hebrew University, and the result suggested that students who were high performers on the shapes task tended to pick up the most Hebrew. The scientific advance can be applied to predicting a person’s abilities to grasp a new language. In this...
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