Indigenous Art, Music and Dance

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Imaginative, artistic, captivating and breathe taking are a few words to describe the true beauty of Indigenous  Australian art, music and dance. These three aspects of the Indigenous culture are also part of the Torres Strait Island culture who "together make up 2.4% of the Australian population" (Macklin, 2004). These people express their personal experiences and the Indigenous Australian history through art work, dance and song. For example, an art piece may be about the creation of the land. Music can interpret the sounds of the animals or the hunters and the dance be interpreted to the stealing of their children through the stolen generation period. 


Art is an important part of the Indigenous culture as it has been passed on for generations. It is an important part of the culture because its emphasised on certain aspects on their history. For example, the dot paintings have been part of the Indigenous Australians paintings history for thousands of years (Atkinson, 2008). Also, we must take into consideration that Indigenous Australian "art is the oldest ongoing tradition of art in the world"(Clarity Communications, 2007). Thus making their art a treausred part of Autsralian culture. Other paintings that we see are rock carvings, body painting when the Indigenous people would have a ceremonies. All these art forms date back more than 30,000years (Clarity Communications, 2007). The art work today is produced in a different variety but each piece of art work still shows the importance, diversity and richness of the Indigenous culture. Different art works can tell different stories. These stories could be about the stolen generation, the hunting, the land dying, the white people settling, the death of and elder or a close relative and the journey through an elders eyes. Elders used dot paintings and other paintings such as mimi art which is an art about animals, humans and are normally stick figures have no flesh. There is also x-ray art, a traditional style of art that is shown through the fragile bone and showing the flesh inside the body. Rock art is another type of Indigenous art as it one of the most common styles (Banakeem, 2012). It is done by carving the painting or "figures" into the rock or wall. Body art is also a form of Indigenous art as "body painting is passed out within strict conventions that are primarily connected to spiritual matters"(Banakeem, 2012).

This piece of art work dates back to the early 20thCenturary and we can analyse what this picture could mean by viewing the following keys; 

Below are the keys;

Meeting place






We are looking st these key features because in groups of 3 or 4, you are to draw a piece of indigenous art using the keys on the PowerPoint. Remeber e h symbol you ise must create a story. You are to tell a story. 

As you can see, the making of the art can be fun but its never an easy task. As we have supplied you with the materials, the art was gathered from clay or orches. In saying this, we can still enjoy the rich culture of our paintings, the Indigenous paintings. 

Dance was formed by the earliest Indigenous Australians and has been past down from many generations (Smitz, 2005). Dance is important to us now as we can look at different ways to move, tell a story and be told a story. The movements vary compared to the movements we see in ballet, jazz or hip hop. The movements aren't necessarily the jumping around and crawling on the floor- they include their instruments as well. This gathers in the: Hollow log drum

Slap sticks
Skin drum

These styles of movement include some of the musical instruments such as the the slap sticks, which are boomerangs being hit together, skin drums which is using your own body to make a sound, hollow log drums which are a drummed shaped and sticks which are used to hit against the body or can be used to hit against a...
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