Australian Aboriginal Beliefs and Spiritualties

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Australian Aboriginal Beliefs and Spiritualties
The Dreaming

Question 1:
The Nature of the Dreaming and its relation to the origins of the universe is to express how the earth and land was formed by their ancient ancestors that rose from their eternal sleep and created life. The Sacred sites are considered to be the water holes, rock formations and caves, the uses for these sacred sites are burial grounds, ceremonial meeting places and significant places such as birthing caves. The Dreaming also has stories that help to portray its meaning for example the Kangaroo man or the rainbow serpent. Aboriginal Art was considered to be one of the most significant things in an essential part of Aboriginal life, the Art was to tell great stories and show significant ideas and as a way of teaching. Question 2:

The importance and significance of the Dreaming to Aboriginal people Is Not just to act as a form of Guidance but it is a way of life for Aborigines It basically is their code of life, It is essential to the life of traditional Aboriginal people and their lifestyle and culture, for it determines their values and beliefs and their relationships with every living creature and every feature of the landscape. It is the way Aboriginal people explain the beginning of life and how everything in their world came into being. What links the People and the Dreaming together is the natural world especially the land to which a person belongs. Aboriginal people see themselves as related to, and apart of, this natural world and know its features in intricate detail. This relationship to the natural world carries responsibilities for its survival and continuity so that each person has special obligations to protect and preserve the spirit of the land and the life forms that are a part of it. Apart from this there are over 900 different Aboriginal Tribes in Australia so each of them has their own belief but that doesn’t mean they exclude others, they all run along the same...

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