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DEC 9 2014
Nt1430 Linux Networking (Unit 1 Linux Server Installation and Configuration) 1. What are multiuser systems and why are they successful?
Multiuser operating systems allow the multiple users to access the resources of single systems at a time or at different time. It allows many users to take advantage of the computer's resources simultaneously. Some permit 100's to 1000 users to take advantage of the computer's resources simultaneously. They are successful because of the powerful, efficient, stable and secure operating systems like LINUX. It has a capability of providing each user the same data ensuring total privacy from each user even while accessed by 100's of users simultaneously. 2. What is the Free Software Foundation/GNU? Linux? Which parts of the GNU/Linux operating system did each provide? Who else has helped build and refine this operating system? The Free Software Foundation ( is the principal organizational sponsor of the GNU Project. GNU developed many of the tools, including the C compilers that are part of the GNU/Linux Operating Systems. Linux is the name of an operating system kernel developed by Linus Torvalds and expanded and improved What are multiuser by thousands of people on the Internet. Torvalds’s kernel and GNU’s tools work together as the GNU/Linux Operating System. 3. In what language is Linux written? What does the language have to do with the success of Linux? Linux is written in the C programming language and because it is written in the C language the language can be imbedded in all type of devices from TV’s, to PDA’s, cell phones, cable boxes for the reason of this language being so portable. 4. What is a shell? How does it work with the kernel? With the user? Shell is a piece of software that provides an interface for users of an operating system. Shell provides access to the services of a kernel. Shell makes the user’s job faster and easier in many ways. 5. What is a filesystem?

A file system (or filesystem) is a means to organize data expected to be retained after a program terminates by providing procedures to store, retrieve and update data, as well as manage the available space on the device which contain it. A file system organizes data in an efficient manner and is tuned to the specific characteristics of the device. 6. What is an ISO image?

An ISO image is an archive file of an optical disc, a type of disk image composed of the data contents of every written sector of an optical disc, including the optical disc file system. 7. What are two reasons you should not use RAID to replace backup? 1) It is very possible that both disks are damaged at the same moment, for example by fire, overvoltage from a lightning strike etc. 2) RAID does not protect from user accidentally erasing information. 8. What is SHA2? How does it work to ensure that the ISO image file you downloaded is correct? SHA2 is a CHECKSUM file.

A “checksum” (also known as hashes digest) is a form of redundancy check. This is a simple way to protect the integrity of data, by detecting errors (modifications) in data that are sent through space(telecommunications) or time (storage).  9. What is a live system? What advantages does it have over an installed system? A live system is a complete bootable computer operating system which runs in the computer's memory, rather than loading from the hard disk drive. It allows users to experience and evaluate an operating system without installing it or making any changes to the existing operating system on the computer. Live CDs are unique because they can run on a computer lacking secondary storage, such as a hard disk drive, or with a corrupted hard disk drive or file system, allowing users to rescue data. 10. Which boot parameter would you use to begin an FTP installation? askmethod or method

11. Describe the Anaconda installer.
Anaconda is the installer for Red Hat Linux and Fedora. It is written in...
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