Fedora/Redhat Chapter 1, 2, 3, & 11 Exercises

Topics: Unix, User, Operating system, Free software, Linux / Pages: 3 (651 words) / Published: Aug 28th, 2013
Chapter 1, pp. 20-21, Exercises 1 & 4

Question 1:
Free software does not mean free in price as far as being free. It means freedom of usage, modifying, copying, and redistributing with or without modifications.

Three characteristics of free software:
• The Source code has to be distributed with the program.
• The redistributor cannot restrict people from redistribution, modifications, or usage of the software/coding.
• Users of redistribution must be allowed to redistribute modified versions under the same terms and licensing as the previous user.

Question 4:
The Free Software Foundation is a non-profit organization that promotes user freedom and defends free software users. GNU is a free Unix-like system which stands for “GNU is Not Unix”. GNU contains all of the official GNU software as well as non-GNU free software where it is not limited to only what is available in one software suite but users can select different packages according what they need. Linux is a free operating system that is distributed and edited by multiple companies, organizations, and users. Linus Torvalds developed the Linux kernel and GNU supplies and develops the tools needed to run the software. The Linux operating system is modified and redistributed by multiple users ranging from different companies to individual computer users.

Chapter 2, p. 50, Exercises 1

Question 1:
The Process of installing Fedora/RHEL is copying operating system files from and external source such as a CD, DVD, or USB flash drive to the hard drive of a selected system. After installing the software, you need to set up the configuration files so Linux runs correctly. Two ways to install is either fresh install or upgrade. When completing a fresh install, you basically wipe out the old files and replace them with new ones. Everything on the hard drive is erased and restored to manufacturer settings. When upgrading from an older versions of Fedora/RHEL, you enhance the software but it does not

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