Unit 1 Exercises

Topics: Unix, Linux kernel, Richard Stallman Pages: 3 (613 words) Published: November 20, 2014
Unit 1 Exercises
Chapter 1
1. What is free software? List three characteristics of free software. Free software is a no charge/ non price software. Free software is software that users have the freedom to distribute and change. The 3 characteristics of free software is that you’re able to download it many times & install it on several computers without paying out of pocket each time you download it. The 2nd characteristic is you can also share the free software with others. And the 3rd characteristic of free software is that you’re able to change it & distribute it out with a cost if needed. 4. What is the Free Software Foundation/GNU? What is Linux? Which parts of the Linux operating system did each provide? Who else has helped build and refine this operating system?

GNU a group dedicated to creating an operating system compatible with the Unix software system. Linux is based off the original Unix operating software. Unix provided the kernel, while Linux provided the interface that people used in place of another operating system like windows or apples own software. Linus Torvalds developed the Linux kernel, and Richard Stallman created the GNU Project. Chapter 2

1. Briefly, what does the process of installing an operating system such as Fedora/RHEL involve?

Depending on the installation being done, Fedora/RHEL either overwrites all the files on the hard drive, or updates the software that has new versions. Chapter 3
1. What is a live system? What advantages does it have over an installed system?

A live session is a Linux session you run on a computer without installing Linux on the computer.

The advantages are the main computer is unaffected or changed by a live system.

4. Where on the disk should you put your /boot partition or the root (/) partition if you do not use a /boot partition?

Put /boot at the beginning of the drive (partition 1) so that there is no issue of Linux having to boot from a partition too far into the drive....
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