Impressing Your Boss

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Impressing your Boss
1. Ask what needs to be done
It sounds like a no-brainer, but quiz your boss on what is the most important way you can spend your time and then make those tasks a priority, suggests Steve Langerud, director of professional opportunities at DePauw University. By tackling the objectives that your boss holds in high esteem, you'll naturally be in a better spot to get attention and praise for your work. 2. Demonstrate your value

Forget what your job description says, create an action plan for how you can be doing your job better, says Mary Hladio, founder of Ember Carriers Leadership Group. Consult your boss and other leaders within the organisation for their input, and put the ideas in motion. 3. Be a team player

Shaunti Feldhahn, author of 'The Male Factor', says high-level managers of both sexes want to know that their employees are on board with the team, especially at critical moments. "In a demanding period, you want to make sure you are sharing the same pain," she says. For example, this might mean staying late for a meeting or pitching in on a company-wide initiative. (For more, see Seven tips for staying off the chopping block.) IN PICTURES: 10 retirement-wrecking moves

4. Brief your boss
Even if it's not part of your job requirements or you haven't been asked to do it, voluntarily offer your boss reports on your progress, says former human resources trainer, Mimi Donaldson. "Bosses are busy," she says. "You cannot expect them to notice when you do something great." But a routine email summing up your day-to-day accomplishments and where you stand on major projects is an influential way to keep your boss informed without monopolising time. 5. Network like you're unemployed

Langerud also advises reaching out to colleagues in other departments and requesting their feedback on how you can help them be more effective. Around the company, it will only improve your reputation, he says, and it will likely get circulated back to your boss...
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