Diversity in the Workplace. a Womens Struggle

Topics: Gender role, Gender, Times Roman Pages: 4 (1158 words) Published: October 10, 2011
A Woman’s Struggle in the Workplace

1. Eagly, A. H., & Carli, L. L. (2007). Women and the labyrinth of leadership. Harvard Business Review, 62-71.

There are many obstacles Women face in the workplace. Gaining access too and holding leadership roles in the workplace is a struggle for Women. Elite positions are given to men due to many reasons, mostly because of psychological biases views that most of society hold. It would seem that no matter what Women do, they will be viewed in a negatively stereotypical view if not “fitting” into a gender role that society has placed upon women. The effects of this prejudice are very apparent with many studies regarding sex discrimination in the workplace. It is time to start placing into effect Management Interventions in the workplace that actually work to change attitudes and views on women in the workplace.

In my paper I will discuss the many barriers that women face in the workplace and in general, things that contribute to the obstacles that women face in gaining access and holding leadership roles. . I will discuss ways for women to overcome these barriers. The most important aspect of my paper though, is to reach out to society, to companies and to leaders in positions of power get a better grasp on how to take measures to ensure that gender biased managerial barriers are not in place and if they are at your company, how to change them so that Women have the same opportunities as men.

The Article was well organized and quite interesting. It started off with addressing many metaphors that can be associated with the obstacles that women face in the work place. Most people are familiar with the glass ceiling, a preventive barrier that stops women from reaching top level positions in companies, but as this article articulately points out there are walls all around women. Understanding these different...
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