Importance of Theology

Topics: Existence, Reason, Truth Pages: 2 (611 words) Published: August 25, 2013
Living in this glorious world, I noticed how it revolves around me. As I lay my eyes in this world full of mysteries, questions concerning my life’s purpose, the reality, the existence of God, how to achieve true happiness and many more keep on flooding in into my mind. I often ask myself, “Why do I even exist?” and “How did I become a part of this world?” Since the dawn of life, the curiosity of humanity is incessantly growing. Questions run in circles inside our minds. We search and search for the truth. We keep on trying to unravel mysteries. However, there are so many locks and not enough keys. In addition, a question just leads to another question. As you can see, to seek for the truth is to reach the exit of a labyrinth. It may be confusing and difficult. Surely, you will always go around in circles. However, when one incessantly focuses and have a sturdy faith, only then he could reach the end of his strife and consequently sink in his mind nothing but the truth.

Theology helps us find reasons for the truth we believe in. It guides us to know the answers for our questions with confidence yet with modesty. Does God really exist? Inside my head is this question, yearning to have answers using the paths for seeking the truth-- by way of reason, science, and faith. Using my eyes of reason and with the help of philosophy, God really do exist. As I grow up, my perspective and understanding of life aid in making me see and understand things and reality much deeper. In my own experience, I cannot see love as well as God. I cannot see wisdom as well as God. And I cannot see happiness as well as God. Nevertheless, everything I have stated has one thing in common. We may not see all the love, wisdom and happiness, but we can unequivocally feel them.

Scientifically speaking, the existence of God could be elaborated by the second path of truth-- by way of science. There is not enough evidence and power science has. Science cannot explain all the things and...
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