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Knowledge of the truth shapes our perceptions of life.
How is this idea explored in Jasper Jones?

The purpose of the introduction is to set up your argument. It is the platform from which you can leap into your proofs and justifications of your point of view. * Clearly explains any key terms or concepts

* Clearly states your point of view (incorporating the language of the question) * Introduces the text
* Introduces the central arguments of your essay

Gaining knowledge of the truth often involves being confronted by both the darkness and the light within human nature. Knowing both these sides is what defines the adult mind from that of the child’s. The shattering of the child’s perceptions of life, through knowledge of the truth, is what we refer to as the ‘loss of innocence’. To ‘come of age’ is to lose the innocence of childhood and to begin to develop the beliefs, values and attitudes of the adult, that will both shape that adult’s perceptions of life and allow them to function in an adult world. Thus is gaining knowledge of the truth a fundamental aspect of the process of coming of age. Jasper Jones by Craig Silvey is a coming of age novel. It details one summer in the lives of four teenagers, Charlie, Jasper, Jeffrey and Eliza, when they are confronted with the truth behind the secrets, lies and myths of their small hometown, Corrigan. The revelation of these dark truths shapes the lives of all these characters. Charlie is thrust into adulthood, while Eliza’s world is torn apart. Jeffrey develops the strength to overcome racial stereotyping, while for Jasper, the revelation of secrets is both a healing and a liberating force.

Knowledge of the truth shapes our perceptions of life.
How is this idea explored in Jasper Jones?
Main Body
* Justification / proof
* Analysis to support your point of view
* Series of paragraphs – ONE argument per paragraph
Each main body paragraph needs:
P – point (argument / topic sentence)
E – evidence (quote / close reference)
T – technique
A – analysis
L – link (next paragraph – back to the question- POV)

Charlie is thrust into adulthood intro
P – knowledge of the truth shapes Charlie’s perceptions of life into adult perceptions – loss of innocence E - “My exit from the window” / “got the right words” T – simile / 1st person narration
A – rebirth / childhood adulthood, a whole new world
L – knowledge of darkness and evil, as well as goodness and light is what defines the adult mind / attitudes change as he develops empathy for others, namely Jasper (linking sentence can occur at end of one paragraph OR the start of the next)

Over the course of this summer, Charlie is confronted with many truths including the truth behind the myth of Mad Jack Lionel and the truth behind his mother’s hurtful behavior; however it is the revelation of the truth behind the myth of Jasper Jones, and the terrible dark secret that Jasper exposes him to, that have the greatest impact on Charlie. When Jasper Jones arrives at Charlie’s house that fateful night, Charlie describes his exit from the window as being “a little like a foal being born.” Implicit in this simile is the concept of rebirth. It is understood that Charlie’s world, his perceptions of life, are about to change forever. Charlie’s exposure to Laura’s horrific death and the events leading up to it, force him to confront the darkness in human nature and as a result, he matures and develops the perceptions and values that will guide him through adult life. The nature of his transformation by the end of the summer is revealed when Charlie narrates, “I’ve finally got the right words in me.” The first person narration allows readers access to Charlie’s thoughts and he is thus able to express the development of his character and confidence which finally allows him to say what he has wanted to say to Eliza throughout the summer.

As Charlie and Jasper work together to uncover...
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