Importance of Religion

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Importance of Religion
It is important to study different religions because this brings about an understanding of the religion itself as well as the people who follow it. Learning other religious beliefs and their histories will help us to foster more positive interactions with others. Profound insights and ideals can be found throughout all religions. We can use these insights to better define our own moral compass while keeping an open mind to the beliefs that may fall outside of that compass.
Religion, philosophy and spirituality, while possessing separate Webster definitions, to me are one in the same. There are no clear cut lines, each bleeds into the other.
“A myth is a true story that may or may not have happened”
My agnosticism struggles here.
Myths, when pertaining to any given religion, are the stories that have been passed down either through doctrine and/or word of mouth and when present are often the building blocks of a religious belief system. Whether or not a given myth took place historically is irrelevant in striving to understand religion. Instead we must acknowledge that the stories are the focal point of the religion not the religion itself.
Pentecostal Christianity is what I am most familiar with and Hinduism differs from this in many ways. Hinduism believes that life is a never ending cycle and all is connected while Christianity takes more of a linier approach. You live, then die and proceed to heaven or hell.
Hinduism does not have a founder; Christianity’s founder is in Jesus Christ. Christianity looks to Jesus Christ for eternal salvation while Hinduism seeks heaven through the performance of

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