Importance of Human Resource in Development

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“Why do people stare at us mother?” Asked Ryan as him and his mother walked down Ally Drive. Ally drive was a posh street filled with the most lavish houses; it was like walking through a dream. Their interiors were as beautiful as the outside. The themed bedrooms, the chandelier in the living room with the golden paint and white soft couches something he always hoped his mattress would be. He often went with his mother to work. His mother was a simple fairly pretty charming lady. Being a single mother was not easy. Ryan lost his father when he was 4. She wasn’t educated and had a minimum wage job, she was a house help and that is how she ran the family.

After work Ryan and his mother walked down Ally Drive to take the shortcut home. Ryan often complained about the long walk home because it would make him tired and so he couldn’t play football for long with his friends once he got home. His mother would always look at him with a smile and say “son walking is healthy it will keep me young and make sure the muscles of your body grow well and strong”, deep down in his heart he knew she was making an excuse and was too ashamed to tell him she couldn’t afford taking the bus.

Ryan had six siblings the oldest being 18 and the youngest being him only six years old. His older brother often showed them fantasies of what it would be like once they were rich. All the children of the house slept in one room and at night they would imagine what it would be like to be rich Axel the oldest would speak of driving the best cars out there a BMW or maybe a Mercedes “when you’re rich you can choose both and drive what you want”, they all had something or the other in their minds, but not Ryan. He saw himself flying.

He had once told his mother that he would like to grow up and become a pilot. He wished he could fly free like the birds above him. His mother told him living in a dreamland is not realistic and that people like him should not aim for the...
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