Human Resources Development

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Organizational Managers give their employee knowledge, skills and mould their attitude to the benefit of an organization and also to progress individual act. Human Resources Development (HRD) means to develop their employee and give opportunity to be trained in their work field. Within the structure of organization to development their employee such as training, coaching, mentoring and performance develop. HRD are into two main parts that is TRAINING and DEVELOPMENT and it goes together because we can’t be develop ourselves without training as training is tool to develop.

Managers are taking organization to forward level, are strategic thinking and planning and decision-making & problem solving. Training can cover or increase individual knowledge and techniques of work but to practice a same skill which is trained and to improve its process is development. The disadvantage of training is when training is not relevant to employee or employed at wrong jobs or individual variables. The advantage of employee development are training should be given when require, training for career planning, job rotation or appraisal.

Why are organizations invested in employee and management development? 1.Ensure the firm meets current and future performance objectives 2.Continuous improvements of the performance of individuals and teams 3.Maximize people’s potential for growth and development

HRD experts have identified five meta-theories of learning for training and development and HRD are behaviourist theory or behaviourism, cognitivist theory of cognitivism, humanist theory or humanism, social learning and constructivist. These theories are different from each other’s, it has only been more develop and effective or practical in our job line.


The theory of Behaviourism was formed by the work of several psychologists (1920s to 1950). Some well-known behaviourist theorists include American psychologist John B. Watson (1878-1958) also known as ‘the father of behaviourism’, Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov (1849 – 1936) “the phenomenon of classical conditioning” and Edward L. Thorndike (1874 - 1949) – “Law of effect”. Primarily concerned with observable behaviour as opposed to internal events or intangibles like thinking or emotions. Observable that is external behaviour can be objectively and scientifically measured. Internal events, such as thinking should be explained through behavioural terms (or eliminated altogether). All behaviour is learnt from environment where we work and handle, depends on how we are treated or awarded.

Disadvantage of behaviourism is that it depends on employee’s feeling and emotion which will impact on organizational operations. Employee will not follow standards of procedure and disregard the role of personal insight. For example: In ground operation, staff is not appreciated for his extra enthusiasm in his given task. Therefore his behaviour will change to slow down his process of delivering his task, his behaviour change towards work.

To avoid such behaviourism, organization needs to improve their relation with their employee. For instance, give time-to-time feedback to their employee to improve or guide in right way. Positive support to encourage their performance and learning, improve in their work environments which inspire them to learn more of work surrounding. For example: In ground operation, check-in till boarding gate is vast task or process to be complete. Manager has breakdown the task into simpler where staff is ready to accept it without any hesitation. Dividing staffs for check-in and boarding gates, so concern staff can learn more on their check-in process or boarding process. Management gives ‘Najm’ awards for doing best/ learning/ outstanding in their task, wherein staff feels their work is not gone in vain.


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