Octapace Culture

Topics: Problem solving, Organization, Organizational studies Pages: 7 (1986 words) Published: May 4, 2011
Comparative study of OCTAPACE CULTURE in Governmental and Non-Governmental Educational Institute

Cultural awareness in higher education helps to achieve organizational goals, analyzeorganizations, explain differences among organizations, and unify personnel. Culturalawareness is also important because culture influences the making and implementation of decisions. Two major research views regarding organizations and organizational culture havedeveloped. First, the functional view regards organizational values as absolute, culture as anontological entity, and culture as a product of the organization. Here, researchers examinecausal laws, observable behaviors, and organizational structures. By contrast, the interpretiveapproach regards organizations as cultures that subjectively create their own realities. Here,researchers assess how personnel interpret their organizations. Under the interpretiveparadigm, three facets of culture furnish a framework for interpreting culture in organizations.The structural facet concerns the ways in which organizations perform their activities; theenvironmental facet concerns the context of people, events, demands, and constraints; and thevalue facet concerns the beliefs, norms, and priorities held by personnel. Administrators andresearchers should analyze culture in their own organizations to reduce conflict and to promotethe sharing of goals.

HRD believes that individuals in an organization have unlimited potential for growthanddevelopment and that their potential can be developed and multiplied through appropriateandsystematic efforts. Given the opportunities and by providing the right type of climatein anorganization, individuals can be helped to give full contribution to their potentials,to achieve thegoals of the organization, and thereby ensuring optimization of humanresources. Therefore, toinitiate HRD practices, a firm philosophy with humane and valuebased approach has to beestablished. This will result in the establishment of HRD culturein the organization, whichfurther strengthens practices. Organizational culture includesethics, values, beliefs, attitudes,norms, ethos, climate, environment, and culture. It can becharacterized as consisting ofo penness (0), collaboration(C), trust (T), authenticity (A),proaction(P), autonomy(A) confrontation(C) & Experimentation (E). And it isabbreviated asOCTAPACE.This paper goes on to present the major findings based on descriptive research designundertakenwith the help of structured questionnaires to study the OCTAPACE Culturefor marketingprofessionals in IT Industry.Data is based on the responses from five topmanagement personnel& 25 marketing personnel from the sample of five ITorganizations in the year 2003. This paper employs certain statistical tools for assessingwhether the hypotheses that had been formed arevalid or not. The results show that thesample organizations differ significantly in their OCTAPACE Culture & are havingvarying level of OCTAPACE culture

respondent checks (on a 4-point scale) how widely each of them is shared in theorganization.In addition to checking the items on the extent of their importance or sharing inthe organization, the respondent can also check how much they should be valued,or how much the beliefs are useful. Thus present as well as desired and idealprofiles can be obtained. OPENNESS:

Openness can be defined as a spontaneous expression of feelings andthoughts, and the sharing of these without defensiveness. Openness is in bothdirections, receiving and giving. Both these may relate to ideas (includingsuggestions), feedback (including criticism), and feelings. For example, opennessmeans receiving without reservation, and taking steps to encourage morefeedback and suggestions from customers, colleagues and others. Similarly, itmeans giving, without hesitation, ideas, information, feedback, feelings, etc.Openness may also mean spatial openness, in...
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