Importance of Computer in Management

Topics: Management, Computer software, Strategic management Pages: 2 (493 words) Published: October 15, 2012
Importance of Computer in Management
Computer systems and software applications help companies manage business operations efficiently. The use of computers and Information Technology (IT)-based systems in mainstream businesses has redefined workplace practices, operational metrics and business models. Top management and key business executives have been able to leverage the various capabilities of computer-based systems and productivity software technologies to get a better handle on business operations, channelize employee productivity and address strategic goals. The importance of computers in management cannot be overstated.

oIn order to be competitive, mega corporations, large-workforce organizations and even small and medium businesses need to do long range corporate planning in a systematic manner. Such organization development initiatives encompass human resources development, finance and budget allocation, procurement and supply chain, sales and marketing, research and development. Automated business processes, advanced computer systems and allied software applications provide companies with reports, tools and practices to address strategic objectives and the techniques and methods to achieve organizational goals. Communication

oComputer networks connected over an intranet-based system or Web-based environment can communicate with one another. In modern businesses, business owners and enterprise decision makers need employees to communicate instantly with each other, collaborate and share files, information and relevant documents quickly in order to execute work-related tasks and pursuits. Use of e-mail systems, instant messaging tools and more recently social networking applications has also enhanced swifter communication with business partners, customers, suppliers and other key external stakeholders. Transactions Management

Organizations and businesses perform thousands of transactions at varied customer and business partner...
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