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What is ICT?
ICT stands for Information Communications Technology. ICT refers to any device or system that allows storage, sending and receiving of digital information. For example, personal computers, digital television, email, and smart phones etc.

ICT hardware will include:
• Computers
• Scanners
• Digital cameras.

ICT software will include:
Standard Office Applications:
Word processing: E.g. Microsoft Word: Write letters, reports etc. Spreadsheets: E.g. Microsoft Excel. Analyse financial information & calculations. Database software: E.g. Oracle, Microsoft Access. Managing data in many forms, from lists etc. Presentation software: E.g. Microsoft PowerPoint; make presentations, either directly using a computer screen or a projector. Publish in digital format via email or via the Internet Desktop publishing: E.g. Adobe, Microsoft Publisher; produce newsletters, magazines and other complex documents.

The 'C' in ICT stands for communications, and covers all the communications technologies such as: • Digital TV
• Digital radio
• E-mail
• Internet
• Broadband
• Networks (wired and wireless)
• Mobile phones
• GPS (global positioning systems)
• Videoconferencing
• Instant messaging
Advantages of using Communications and Information Technology Speeds the sending of information:  Communication technology tools like E-mail and text messaging systems speed up the sending of information inside and outside an organisation.  Also with the use of decentralised computing systems, sharing of information within an organisation is very fast because all data is accessed from one central unit ‘’Database’’ and it is shared across different departments within the organisation. Improves organisational communication:   Communication technology helps in the creation of shared information in an organisation.  Information is organised in one central location, allowing anyone access the information as they need Speeds decision making...
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