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Q1: What benefit does immigration bring to the province of Saskatchewan?

A: Immigration is much more then "a simple fix" of population growth. If not for immigration, Canada wouldn't be able to sustain current standards of living. This is not as much about Canadian international policy (too weak to dictate terms to the rest of the world), but it is about domestic policies that either help or discourage cultivation of entrepreneurship. Without it Canada will lose its economic position in the World. The general population feeling of "entitlement" to benefits in Canada is hard to deal with. Immigration is the solution - bring new blood, new brains, new investments that will fuel the entitlements for the rest of the people. Migrants are a great asset for the province and by welcoming them you welcome the one that brings his talents and energy to the local economy for the good of the people. The benefit of immigration of highly skilled workers lies in hiring them for development in the categories health services, building industry, food industry, research industry and other sectors that are listed on the HRSDC website (Human Resources and Skills Development Canada). In my case it brings the fulfilment of demands in the areas of design and building, construction of residential, commercial and industrial buildings as well as the fulfilment of the need for maintenance and renovations of buildings and interiors in a cold climate in winter and flooded grounds and buildings in summer. Immigration in general will make Canada more connected with the rest of the world—it will enrich the widespread community and boost the economic growth. Immigrants add to the labour force. They lower the age profile of population and they add to productivity by quickly acquiring skilled jobs.

Q2: What should the role of the SINP be?
A: The role of SINP should be for the identification of skilled workers with prospects towards maintaining and improving the living standards of SK- citizens as well as personal health and well- being. SINP should be a recruitment program of skilled migrants applying to the SINP for nomination and applying to Citizenship and Immigration Canada for permanent residence. Permanent skilled migration programs will perform a key role in helping Saskatchewan move beyond crisis by introducing a forward looking and targeted Skilled Occupations List. A list of occupations in demand focuses on the genuine future needs of Saskatchewan—the high value professions and trades—and will help select General Skilled Migrants who have the best chance of securing a job that matches their skills upon arrival in the province. I also suggest that the provincial administration should move away from the ‘one-size-fits all’ approach across the province by putting into place individual Rural Township Migration Plans which will help to meet specific skill needed at a local level of a town like Humboldt and Muenster.

Q3: What is the most important measure of success for the SINP? A: Being able to nominate potential self- employed migrants that bring innovation, development and job- creation. In this sense there is also the guarantee of profit and a positive effect on the local labour market through the selection of applicants authentically able to providing service to the people of Saskatchewan and integrating themselves into the widespread community. Furthermore the measure of success for SINP is based on the ability of recognising opportunities of SK- citizens to step out into the global marketplace through migrating entrepreneurs, contractors and those SINP candidates providing business ideas and relief to issues that the country is facing (f.i. flooding in summer, cold climate,…) and are ready to take action with investment effort. The measure of success is the promotion of candidates with the zeal to “bring warmth to a cold country” together with the local people that have already migrated and are now citizens.

Q4: What is the right...
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