Imc Plan

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Integrated Marketing Communications Plan Group Assignment
Length: 20 PAGE MAXIMUM (appendices should not be used [with the exception of attaching a copy of your already submitted creative brief], 1.5 spacing 12-point serif typeface is requested for the body of the work, with table, figures, etc at the discretion of students). 30% 20 March 2012 To assist students to prepare a practical integrated marketing communication plan for a brand through the application of material presented in the course.

Value: Submission Date: Purpose:

Student must work in teams. Each member will receive the same mark for the assignment. Students will continue to work with the group that was formed for the work of the creative brief.

Prepare a practical, integrated marketing communication plan for a branded good or service. This plan is to be submitted in written form and also uploaded through the RMIT course website. The plan should be formulated in the context of the Integrated Marketing Communications Process. It should be completed as follows:

Stage 1 of the IMC plan details the research and analysis undertaken in preparing your group’s creative brief.

1. Situation Analysis
Perform a thorough analysis of the situation confronting the brand, internally and externally. The purpose of this is for the learner to get clarity around the marketing problem or opportunity to be addressed by the advertising and promotional plan.

1.1 Internal Analysis
 Resource capabilities (relating predominantly company and master brand).

1.2 External Analysis
 Environmental factors (relating predominantly to the brand item)

1.3 SWOT - Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats

2. Identification of Marketing Problem or Opportunity
 Overview of the problem your Campaign will solve and/or opportunity it will address.

3. Marketing Objectives
 Sales, market share, profit etc (need to be measurable, achievable/realistic and over a specific timeframe)


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