if i were the prime minister of India

Topics: Prime minister, India, Higher education Pages: 2 (842 words) Published: July 20, 2014
The Prime Minister of India, aha! The highest executive of the largest democracy of the world, what a promising position, what a status, and Oh! What laurels. However I see this position as it were with a pinch of salt as, it is more a thorny crown on the head of the person who wears it. Dealing with the daily affairs of the country, is not easy, so, this positions, this status, this name are not without the demerits. If I was to be the Prime Minister of India, the first and most difficult thing I would deal with would be the building of the character of the people of the nation. I feel that, all the drawbacks and failures of the country and its people are, mainly due to the lack of character of its people, its Executives, its politicians and all others. Now developing characters is not something that can be done in a day or something that can be imposed on a generation. There is no magic cure for this malady which is inherent in the Indian scene. Since I know that neither can character be infused overnight, nor can it be eliminated from the scene, I would ensure that all bad characters no matter that, are booked for their wrong doings, punished as per the laws of the land. I really believe that even if just a few wrong doers are punished strictly, instead of being shielded by their patrons, then others will not indulge in similar malpractices. I earnestly feel that punishment is the only approach to this Herculean problem of character. If few, yes, just a few are punished all others will be frightened of the consequences of wrong doing. This exercise of punishments I would start from the highest rungs of the ladder and then come downwards, though the lower rungs would get cleaned by themselves if the cleaning be done at the top. The next area of influence I would try to work upon would be the education of the masses. Our education as I understand it had been framed by the British rulers. They had the objective of creating babes for their Government...
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