If I Were Prime Minister of Canada

Topics: Canada, Day care, Childcare Pages: 3 (1050 words) Published: June 23, 2013
If I Were Prime Minister of Canada

As Prime Minister of Canada I feel that there are some things that need to be changed in this country. I think that these things would greatly benefit us better as a country both economically wise and socially wise. These things are; Expanding and securing our far North and Arctic territory by building outposts, both military and research, as well as to construct naval bases to protect our waters from invading countries such as the United States and Russia. Also I would like to make child-care more affordable for every family living in Canada, this primarily focuses on day-care programs for younger children. Finally I would like to make post-secondary schooling more affordable for every Canadian. Therefore I think by doing these things it will make Canada a better place to live for everyone, as well as making it a stronger country on the global scale.

Protecting Canada’s Arctic sovereignty is one of my biggest priorities as Prime Minister. This includes building research outposts and military bases to monitor all the large and small land masses that Canada owns in the north. As well as add naval bases to protect and monitor our waters within the Canadian boundary. Adding bases is important to have, both research and military because we know so little about the arctic and it is important to protect it from other countries that might want to seek out its potential. Another reason why we should have more protection over the arctic is because of its economic potential that it possesses. There are estimates of billions of dollars worth of untapped resources in the Canadian arctic both on land and under water, so it is important that we protect Canada’s natural resources that we rightfully own. Finally we should have more of a military presence in the arctic because many foreign countries such as Russia, Norway, and Denmark, etc are all looking at the arctic as a place to claim land and resources for their own. This...
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