If I Were a Prime Ministe of Thailand

Topics: Prime minister, Time, A Good Opportunity Pages: 2 (874 words) Published: March 29, 2011
In the name of Allah
Script of Speech Contest
What would I do if I were prime minister of Thailand?
Good morning (afternoon), Respected Judges, ladies and gentlemen As you all know, nowadays, we are in the situation that the Government is waving intellectual people aside. Moreover, our honorable politicians are always squabbling in the parliament. Also, we are up against the conventional thinking and partisanship that cause our country apart. These are bad for country. These are the challenges facing us. Today, we are always in the mood of fun and stuck by useless circumstance especially corruption or rape. These are the main reasons why country is lagging behind; meanwhile our values are deteriorating gradually. Therefore, in order to administrate this country I have to clean out all those things. If I were the prime minister of Thailand, my first priority is making a difference among workforce of the nation. To begin with, parents have to share more love and warmth to their children. Besides, parents have to promote IQ and EQ, parents have to boost two more Ms that are moral Quotient and Motive Quotient. What Thais lack is Moral Quotient. We, now, could produce a good generation, but we fail to maintain and teach them to be in a good moral. For example, there is a student studying in upper secondary school, skillful in computer and also gets high GPA surprisingly becomes murderer because he would like to imitate the character from games.  Here what I mean is that we have to produce a good generation with a good moral. Next, now, we have got thundered universities in our country. Education must be paid serious attention. So, my second priority is changing the mindset of people. Everyone must change the way of thinking. Especially the teacher' job, the teaching is widely recognized as respected profession; the working condition is not commensurate with society expectation. Now, I would support teachers, I would promote the teachers respectable life as doctors...
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