My Visions for India

Topics: India, Developing country, President of India Pages: 4 (1116 words) Published: June 22, 2013
1. After 3000 years of oppression what have we not done?
After 3000 years of oppression by various invaders like the British, the French and Turks we have not conquered any of their nations. We did not grab their land, their culture and their history. It is because we respect the freedom of others. 2. What was kalam’s second vision?

Kalam’s second vision for India is development. We have been a ‘developing nation’ since our independence. But in the present day scenario our poverty levels are falling. Our achievements are globally recognised. The vital thing we lack is self confidence. We need to improve it in order to become a ‘developed nation’ 3. Name the three great minds with whom Kalam had the good fortune of working with? The three great minds with whom kalam worked are: Dr.Vikram Sarabhai of the dept.of space, Professor Satish Dawan and Dr.Brahm Prakash-father of nuclear material. 4. What is our media obsessed with?

Our media is always obsessed with the Negatives. In India we read only about death, sickness, terrorism and crime. 5. What was the news on the first page of the Tel Aviv newspaper the day after the bombardments? The day after the bombardments, the first page of the news paper had the picture of a Jewish gentle man. In a period of five years he has transformed his desert into an orchid and a granary. 6. What is our obsession?

We are obsessed with foreign things. We want to buy foreign T.V’s. We want foreign shirts and foreign technologies. We are obsessed with everything imported. We don’t realise that self- respect comes with self-reliance. 7. What do we Indians say?

We Indians say that our government is inefficient. We say that our laws are too old. We say that the municipality doesn’t pick up the garbage. We say that the phones don’t work, the railways are a joke, and the airline is the worst in the world. Finally we conclude saying that our country has been fed to the dogs....
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