Identifying Management Personalities

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Week Five - Team Leadership
John Doe
MGT 521 - Management
Week Five - Team Leadership
Today’s job market is always changing. There are new departments that are developed and implemented into organizations across the country. I have been tasked with developing a new department in which I have various management personalities to work with. In this department I will have a team of 4 individuals that I will be managing. Each individual has taken a personality assessment that I will be evaluating. I will need to determine which leadership approach is the best fit for my team. I will also put together a set of principles that we all must work under.

We start with looking at the scores from the personality assessment. Each member took the Jungian 16 type personality assessment. Daniel Wyatt scored an INTP which stands for Introvert, Intuitive, Thinking, and perceiving. Research shows that he is cautious, enjoys problem solving, and is highly conceptual. Josh Miranda scored an ENFP which stands for Extrovert, Intuitive, Feeling, and perceiving. Research shows that he is people-oriented, creative, and highly optimistic. Chayvonne Brown, Lester Jenkins and myself all scored an ENFJ which stands for Extrovert, Intuitive, Feeling, and judging. Research shows that we are charismatic, compassionate and highly persuasive people.

What Chayvonne, Lester and I have in common is that we are charismatic leaders. Charismatic leader that is, an enthusiastic, self-confident leader whose personality and actions influence people to behave in certain ways. Robbins (2010) Congar (1998) states that they have a vision, the ability to articulate that vision, a willingness to take risks to achieve that vision, a sensitivity to both environmental constraints and follower needs, and behaviors that are out of the ordinary. Josh has a lot of creativity and Daniel is good at problem solving. These personalities can be used together to create a very fun and...

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