Motivation and leadership

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Motivation and leadership within Cadbury’s
Cadbury world chocolate factory is a section of the Cadbury's Bournville manufacturing site where people visit to learn and discover the history of chocolate and more so how the company, Cadbury, has grown over the years to become a leading confectionery manufacturer. The factory was opened on 14th August 1990 and is divided into 14 zones which encompass video presentations, interactive displays, animatronics and staff demonstrations to give the history of the company and chocolate (Cadbury, 2012). After a visit to the factory on November 19th 2012, this essay will be based on information gathered from the field trip and from research to discuss motivation and leadership within Cadbury. Discussion

Identification of motivation and leadership within Cadbury’s

Leadership in a business organisation is very important because the leaders of the organisations are the ones who will guide the employees to attain the objectives of the company (Northouse, 2012). There are various leadership styles that can be adopted by a company and these include autocratic, participative or delegative (DuBrin, 2009). The identifiable leadership style in Cadbury’s company is Participative. Although the final decisions that affect the operations of the company lies with management, the employees as well as other stakeholders are involved in consultations. The company’s leaders want to ensure that the employees are involved in decision making and they do this by ensuring that the employees are informed regarding the current situation of the organisation. The use of a participative leadership approach can be traced back to the founding members who ran the company in the 19th century. The manager at the time, George Cadbury, included the views of the workers and this led to him instituting half-days on Saturdays and bank holiday closing after consultation with the employees (Cadbury, 2012). More recently, when the company was...

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