Ice Creame Factory

Topics: Management, Human resource management, Performance appraisal Pages: 10 (1963 words) Published: January 2, 2011

East West University (EWU)

Course Name: MGT-101
Course Instructor: Dr. Nazrul Islam Professor,
Dept. of Business Administration
East West University.
Project Work Topic:Management Practice of Polar
Group Members:

Md. Mostafa Anwar Md. Nazmul Hasan Id:2009-3-10-072 Id:2010-1-13-038

Md.Shahadat Hossain

Term Paper On Polar
(Dhaka Ice Cream Industries Limited)



December 19, 2010


Dr. Nazrul Islam


Department of Business Administration

East West University

Sub: Submission of report on management Practice of Polar(Dhaka Ice Cream Industries Ltd).

Dear Sir

We are glad to submit our Report on management Practice of Polar(Dhaka Ice Cream Industries Ltd). We try our best to pick up the practical information for this report. If there any mistake please excuses us.

We hope that you will accept our report on management Practice of Polar(Dhaka Ice Cream Industries Ltd.)

Sincerely Yours

Md.Mostafa Anwar

Md. Nazmul Hasan

Shahadat Hossain

We want to give special thanks to-

Mr. Golam Habib
Head of HR & Administration,
Polar (Dhaka Ice Cream Industries Ltd.)


Management is the most important element of a organization. Recently we are going to complete MGT-101 course which has fundamental ideas of management. Our group’s main purpose is to find how Polar is implementing the ideas of management in their organization.


We have faced some limitations to research our project, these are given below:

1. Shortage of time.
2. Facing problems in data collection.
3. It was very tough for our group members to fix a same time to group work.

Hisory & Background:

Late Mr. Amanullah Miah, a leading private entrepreneur was the promoter and founder of Bangladesh Beverage Industries Ltd. (BBIL), which was incorporated much earlier than the formation of Dhaka Ice Cream Industries Ltd. (DIIL), was initially engaged in soft drink business, manufacturing and marketing PEPSI cola in Bangladesh, BBIL expanded and diversified its operation by setting up a new industrial unit on 9 March 1986 and venturing into Ice Cream Business.

It is evident from historical record and a letter from the department of industries, ref # IPC/2840/85/343 of 09.03.1986, that the Bangladesh Beverage Industries Ltd., 385 Tejgaon Industrial Area, Dhaka, was accorded with the permission to set up a new industrial unit in the sector of dairy farming and dairy products (Ice Cream) with a production capacity of 916,5000 liters and an estimated product value of Tk. 36.6 million. Permission was also accorded to establish letter(s) of credit to import machineries under wage earner scheme for an amount of Tk. 7.99 million.

It is understood that the DIIL commenced its commercial production in early 1988 and continued with Danish Technical Assistance , supervised by a Danish consultant under an agreement. After the expiry of the agreement and subsequent working capital problem, the company ceased its production and sales in and from December 2007. In order to re-start business, recently there have been some major changes in shareholdings as well as management of the DIIL. The new management intends to start its production and business in the first quarter of 2009


To gain number one position in Ice Cream sector is their vision.


To become a premium food company specially in ice cream sector by producing & selling best quality products & add values to their stakeholders.


Earning profit with social accountability is the main objective of Polar.

Theme of Polar:

“Delight in every bite.”

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