Management Theory and Practice

Topics: Management, Business ethics, Organization Pages: 2 (273 words) Published: April 4, 2011
Financial management
|  |This module is designed to provide all business students with an overview of how accounting data is used in making business | | |decisions. The subject covers a broad range of topics including the regulatory framework of accounting, preparation and | | |analysis of financial statements, investment analysis and ethics in accounting. It provides students with basic skills, | | |knowledge and attitudes that enable them to process financial data, to analyze and interpret accounting reports, and to | | |present the results within an ethical framework, to financial decision makers. | | |The purpose of this module is also to develop the student’s ability to use mathematics and statistics to solve business | | |problems. The module provides a firm foundation in statistics and commonly used quantitative methods, which will prove useful| | |in helping students to understand and appreciate other modules in our diploma and advanced diploma in Business and | | |Management. | | | |

Management theory and practice

|  |This module examines fundamental management theories and traditional | | |managerial responsibilities in formal and informal organisational structures. | | |Planning, organising, directing, controlling and staffing are explored. | | |The module presents a thorough and systematic coverage of management theory and practice. It focuses on the basic roles, | | |skills and functions of management, with special attention to...
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