Ib Ia Business and Management

Topics: Marketing, SuperValu, Trademark Pages: 1 (331 words) Published: December 13, 2012
1) Started with 24 two 11 double with loam.. Are giving around 1 lace 90 thousand meters per month production capacity...with job work activities. Q) Tell me about your historical background
2) Current market situation is badly distorted because of lack of purchasing capacity of the consumers. Q)what is the current market situation of your company?
3) Its too tough competition in synthetic market
Q)is is working in competition?
4) Strength:- having around 9 laces per month production so that we can fulfil any requirement of material within the time. Weakness:- because of the tough completion and lack of demand of the fabric feed the raw material to the loam to the factory. Q) What are your major strength and weaknesses?

5) Because of big completion in job work it's seems that we can get better realisation of the job charges by the way of own marketing with own brand name. Q) What are the reasons behind expanding under your own brand name?

6) Now there is no opportunity in the market for the production because of the bad policies of the ruling government. Increase in the prices of government. Labour charges rises. Rajasthan gov. Has not gave any subsidies in capital and the interest rate. Those are available in the others states for textile sectors. Q)what are the opportunities available into the market for such investments??

7) Because of the increasing power charges and the interest rate the fabric cost will be higher against the other states. Q)what challenges will you have to face against such expansion?

8) if the company get the better realisation of the job charges by doing own marketing in its own brand name it will help the growth of the company, stakeholders , employs and better payment conditions and the quanta’s to the suppliers and the better quality and timely delivered to the cost ormers . Q)what will be the effect of such decisions on your stakeholders, suppliers, customers, employs??
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