Lands End

Topics: Customer service, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Sears Holdings Corporation Pages: 6 (2043 words) Published: February 16, 2009
GUARANTEED. PERIOD. One of the simplest of statements is the driving force behind one of the strongest companies in fashion merchandising. Land’s End, a company with an established market for clothing, luggage, and home products, has created an enduring business model built on quality customer service. The company affirms this stance by proclaiming its goal is “to please [their] customers with the highest levels of quality and service in the industry, along with an unequivocal ironclad guarantee.”(Land’s End) With this powerful guarantee, Land’s End has become a market leader in developing customer relationships and fostering business communication as a means to increase sales and market share. Land’s End began in 1963, when founder Gary Comer had a dream to start a business that had something to do with his hobby, sailboat racing. Created in a basement, along the river in Chicago's old tannery district, the company began by selling sailing equipment, clothing, and racing gear. From lowly roots to a thriving organization, Land’s End now employs thousands and sells a vast variety of products that reach from the sailboat into the home. The high quality of its products and the dependability of its customer service allow Land’s End to maintain a competitive edge over its competition.

To be sure, Land’s End thrives by using quality materials in each of the products that it sells. Quality control agents constantly evaluate and improve fabrics, styles, sizes, and procedures. Each of the over one hundred fifty quality assurance personnel is trained to be highly specialized in specific products. The company maintains the dependability of its products by following the main business principles set forth by its founder. One of these principles demands, “Do everything possible to make the products better. Never reduce the quality of a product to make it cheaper.” (Lands’ End) Undoubtedly, this type of commitment to excellence allows Land’s End to stand above and beyond traditional retailers. However, Land’s End is perhaps most lauded for its unmatched customer service. The company’s dedication to its patrons has established it as a leader in the industry and an example to be followed. With the creation of “on-demand” customer service, Land’s End has received praise and approval from customers and competitors alike, which may be recognized in the understanding that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Land’s End has raised the bar for customer satisfaction in business. Customers are able to interact with helpful customer service agents via telephone every minute of the day. Each agent is required to receive over seventy hours of technology and communication training. Specialty shoppers, those service agents with product specific training, can help customers with intimate sizing questions, gift suggestions and wardrobe coordination. In addition, emails from consumers receive personal responses from trained individuals. Without question, customer service stands out as a key ingredient in the success of Land’s End. Truly, while the company focuses on supporting patrons after the purchase of their products, Land’s End also places value on the transfer of their products from the warehouse to the individual. Capitalizing on internet technology and transactions, the company expedites its shipping procedures using efficiency and expediency. Orders placed are typically shipped out the next business day, and standard shipping averages only two to three business days. Any lost orders are promptly addressed and corrected. Finally, Land’s End always goes the “extra mile.” Customers can request free fabric samples to ensure they order only what they want. Also, buyers may choose to have their clothing tailored to their exact measurements without cost. If a button is removed or lost, Land’s End promised to replace it free of charge. For a small fee, customers can add monogramming or...
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