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Super Hydration
Super hydration is an approach to fluid intake to enhance fat loss through drinking ice cold water, and is flavoured by some body builders and people on rapid fat loss diets. There is currently no sound scientific evidence to prove that drinking ice cold water has any major effect on fat loss through increased kilocalorie use. Symptoms of super hydration include:

Controlled appetite
Clear skin
Increased alertness
Regular bowl movements

It has been suggested that exercising in a super hydration state encourages weight loss during an exercise programme, as it influences fat loss from your body exercising more due to being alert and strong, maintaining a balanced body temperature, absorbing minerals, vitamins, amino acids and glucose and increasing digestion. It is believed that the large amount of water triggers fat loss, as it aids the kidney and liver function of metabolising stored fat into energy.

The World Health Organisation recommends that a person drinks a least eight glasses of water a day, which is the equivalent of about 2 litres of fluid a day and extra for any fluid loss as sweat during activity. This figure might be considerably higher for a sports performer, with fluid loss for some high intensity sports in hot climates being as high as 4 litres per hour.

To be effectively hydrated, most daily fluid intake should be in the form of water, many drinks like colas, tea and coffee can act as diuretics which means they can help cause fluid loss. This is because the digestive system needs to use fluid to process the fluid intake.

To avoid this problem, it is recommended that a sports performer should try to drink decaffeinated tea and coffee and replace some tea, squashes and fruit juices. However, recent research has also identified that the effects of diuretics are not as bad as initially thought and so are acceptable in moderation as part of a healthy daily fluid intake.

It is important to ensure...
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