Ergogenic Aids

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Ergogenic Aids
Gatorade is one of the most popular sports drinks of our time. It can be seen at almost every major sporting event around the world and is consumed by athletes and non-athletes of all ages. Gatorade is a nutritional ergogenic aid that has sprung its way into the lead of all sports drinks. Purpose: Gatorade is used to replace electrolytes in your body that were used during physical activity. Experience: Growing up, my parents would buy me Gatorade to drink during and after my sports games. Gatorade was also consumed by my friends and seen heavily in sports advertisements. Effects: Gatorade is great at replenishing your electrolytes after hard physical activities. As far as negative effects go, Gatorade does contain high amounts of sugar and sodium and should not be consumed in vast amounts if exercising. Gatorade also contains 50 calories per 8 oz and is best for high performance athletes. Alternatives: Although it won’t replace any carbohydrates or electrolytes like Gatorade, water is a great refreshment to consume during physical activity and contains no calories; in case you’re working out for weight loss. Other alternatives include: Powerade, Sobe Life Water, Coconut Water, milk, etc. Adderall is a very popular drug used to control ADHD and sometimes misused by students and athletes alike. Adderall is used to increase focus and performance and thus increases productivity in the working environment. This has caused athletes to use the drug to increase their performance. Purpose: The purpose of Adderall is to help those that lack attention and focus and allow them to be productive throughout the day. Experience: I have friends that are prescribed the drug and for some, it is highly noticeable when they take their medication and when they do not. When they do consume it, they are more relaxed and ready to get things done. When they do not take their medication, they are fidgety and always moving around. When used properly, the drug...
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