Human Sexuality Assignment

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Describe the various components of human sexuality.

Our sexuality is both broad and complex and it consists of all of the aspects mentioned in the following. -Sex, reproductive roles, gender roles, sensual and sexual pleasure, romantic and intimate relationships, sexual expression throughout the life span, sexual dysfunction's, problematic sexual expression, and concerns regarding sexually transmitted infections (STI'S).

Sex: has two general meanings.

– Refers to genetic endowment, anatomical features, and physiological functions. Specifically refers to if one is male or female. – The term also refers to lovemaking or genital contact between two people, as in having sex.

Reproductive Roles: depending on our anatomical sex, we secrete eggs or produce sperm, and can either impregnate or gestate and birth offspring.

Gender Roles: at the moment of birth we are labeled according to or biological category (Male or Female) and then assigned to our social category girl or boy, and culture shapes us into masculine or feminine based on the society we live in.

Sensual and Sexual pleasure: how we go about pleasuring ourselves when alone or with others is another important aspect of our sexuality.

Romantic and Intimate Relationships: For most human beings, reproduction and sexual pleasure take place in the context of relatively lasting EMOTIONAL RELATIONSHIPS. In our society romantic love and monogamy are ideals for these relationships.

Sexual expression throughout the life span: as we move from infancy through childhood, adulthood, and ultimately old age, our sexuality might be expressed in different ways.

Sexual Dysfunction: how people with disabilities are having trouble with sexual conduct. This is related to the topic of Problematic Sexual Expression.

Sexually Transmitted Infections: to fully enjoy and express our sexual selves, we must attend to the troublesome issue of Sexually.

Describe how recent social changes have affected out sexuality.

Premarital Sexual behavior, some see this new Norm as destructive and harmful to our society. Believing that it has contributed to sexual callousness, the spread of sexually transmitted infections, and unwanted pregnancies. Others see it as bringing an end to the Sexual Double Standard, and as an adaptive response to the strong economic pressures to postpone marriage. Contraceptive devices, becoming available to anyone who need them, this was not the case a few decades ago, and this is still reality for many societies around the world. Interethnic sexual relationships, more common now, but in the past different ethnic groups elicited ostracism, violence, and even murda. A greater acceptance towards Bisexuality and Homosexuality

25 years ago concepts such as "DATE RAPE", "SEXUAL HARASSMENT" did not exist. Rape, child sexual abuse, incest was considered to be rare events committed by deranged deviants. Mass Media, has bombarded North American society with sexual images and sexual material, much of it is frivolous ad designed to sell, and or entertain. Increase in affluence and leisure, has made sexuality more available, i.e.- people rent videos, take sex classes to increase their orgasm, ad even purchase penile implants.

3. Describe the contributions to the study of sexuality made by some of the major figures in research.

- HENRY HAVELOCK ELLIS: established the sexological tradition of challenging unfounded ideas about human sexuality. He suggested that lovemaking could be pleasurable for both partners, homosexual interests might be inborn, masturbation cod serve as a means of relaxation, and there are Erogenous zones of the body.

- SIGMUND FREUD: highlighted the centrality of sexuality in normal human development. He emphasized how important if was to not repress sexual energy (LIBIDO). Modern sexologists have been to disprove many of the ideas that originated with Freud and his...
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