Sexuality and Value System Check Point

Topics: Morality, Marriage, Sexual intercourse Pages: 2 (493 words) Published: February 6, 2012
Sexuality and Value Systems Checkpoint


December 7th, 2011

There are several value systems that our text overviews that I can see logical, however, I cannot find just one view that I completely agree with. The legalistic view is how I was raised to believe, and in my heart, I feel is the way we should all base our lives around, even though it is almost impossible in the world now. Since, the time has changed and made the world so casual about sex and relationships, this category of following the Bible’s moral codes is seen as old fashioned and not really up to date with the world. Hedonism just seems fun to me, we all should be after what makes us feel good. In a way, many see this is the main point of sexual relations. However, it is not enough for me to put it as my main view, either. Rationalism and situational ethics both carry many good points about human values. One should be able to live life and make choices with their partner based on “true love,” even though others may see this as wrong, we are all able to make our own choices. This leads me to my value system, of ethical relativism. I choose this, because we should not say a Priest is wrong for not bearing his fruit to help in the repopulation of the world, nor should we say a couple in love, who have had children should be condemned for not being married, because under the circumstance of getting married they would jeopardize their financial situation. (I know this from personal experience. Both my children were born before my husband and I got married. He and I had lived together for a couple of years, but his income alone was not enough to support the family and if we got married I would have lost most of my disability income, making it where we would not be able to afford to take care of our children.) Even though I knew we were doing something, I was taught is wrong, I justified it with excuses and knew that we had a wonderful love, my children had a mother and...

References: Rathus, S. A., Nevid, J.S., and Fichner-Rathus, L. (2005). Human Sexuality in a World of Diversity. (6th ed.) Boston, MA: Allyn and Bacon.
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