Human Resources Management

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This exam has two (2) parts – multiple choice and short answer essay. Circle the correct answers (2 points each).

1) The methods used to give new or present employees the skills they need to perform their jobs are called ________. A) orientation
B) training
C) development
D) appraisal

2) The first step in a training program is to ________.
A) assess the program's successes or failures
B) design the program content
C) conduct a needs analysis
D) train the targeted group of employees

3) What is the second step in the training process?
A) assess the program's successes or failures
B) present the program to a small test audience
C) design the instructional content
D) conduct a needs analysis

4) James is currently identifying the specific job performance skills needed, analyzing the skills of prospective trainees, and developing knowledge and performance objectives based on the deficiencies he finds. James is working on the ________ step in the training and development process. A) first

B) second
C) third
D) fifth

5) Which of the following characterizes training today?
A) training is increasingly technology based
B) training is more prevalent in the higher levels of an organization C) training is developing a great reputation for getting results D) training is being evaluated extensively

6) The process of verifying that there is a performance deficiency and determining if such deficiency should be corrected through training or through some other means is called ________. A) needs analysis

B) task analysis
C) performance analysis
D) development planning

7) All of the following are sources of identifying training needs except A) attitude surveys
B) assessment centers
C) management-by-objective evaluations
D) all of the above

8) Which of the following training methods is the most popular? A) on-the-job training
B) apprenticeship training
C) informal learning
D) lectures

9) On-the-job training can be accomplished through the use of all of the following techniques except A) coaching
B) programmed learning
C) understudy
D) job rotation

10) In the ________ method a manager is presented with a written description of an organizational problem to diagnose and solve. A) case study
B) diagnose and learn
C) action learning
D) job rotation

11) When goal setting, performance appraisal, and development are consolidated into a single, common system designed to ensure that employee performance supports a company's strategy, it is called ________. A) strategic organizational development

B) performance management
C) performance appraisal
D) human resource management

12) Which of the following is not one of the guidelines for effective goal setting? A) assign specific goals
B) assign measurable goals
C) assign challenging but doable goals
D) assign consequences for performance

13) The A in the acronym for SMART goals stands for ________. A) actionable
B) appropriate
C) attainable
D) asset

14) Participatively set goals result in higher performance than assigned goals when ________. A) participatively set goals are more difficult
B) assigned goals are more difficult
C) the rewards are also higher
D) the goals are doable

15) When using goal setting in performance management, the goals should be ________. A) difficult
B) doable
C) specific
D) all of the above

16) Performance appraisals may be conducted by ________.
A) the immediate supervisor
B) peers
C) rating committees
D) all of the above

17) Which big five personality trait is associated with performance appraisal ratings that are too lenient? A) agreeableness
B) extroversion
C) conscientiousness
D) openness

18) ________ refers to all forms of pay or rewards going to employees and arising from their employment. A) Reimbursement
B) Employee compensation
C) Salary
D) Benefits

19) Which of the following...
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