Human Resources Conselling

Topics: Employment, Licensed Professional Counselor, At-will employment Pages: 5 (1900 words) Published: June 3, 2013
1. Definition

Company counseling was a psychological health care intervention which could take many forms. It aimed to assist both of the employers and employees by intervening with an active problem-solving approach to tackling the problems at hand. (PGA Group, 2013). Counseling included working with individuals and with relationships which may be developmental, crisis support, psychotherapeutic, guiding or problem-solving. The task of counseling was to give the client an opportunity to explore, discover and clarify ways of living more satisfying and resourcefully. (BAC: 1984). Counseling denotes professional relationship between a trained counselor and a client. This relationship was usually person-to-person, although it may sometimes involve more than two people. It was designed to help clients to understand and clarify their views of their life space, and to learn to reach their self-determined goals through meaningful, well informed choices and through resolution of problems of emotional or interpersonal nature. (Burks & Stefflre: 1979). Counseling could be divided into three parts, 1) It was a process whereby clients learn how better to understand themselves and their present situations. 2) It was a process whereby clients were helped to construct goals for the future. 3) It was a process whereby clients were helped to acquire the skills and courage to pursue these goals. (Tapomoy Deb 2006). In summary, employee counseling was employer who to provide help and support to their employees to resolve their difficulties and hope to help the employee’s work performance back on track finally. In terms of company’s objectives, when employees were unable to perform their standard of work, the company’s profit may be affected eventually. A positive attitude employer or a positive attitude company leader should have the responsibility to help their employees to perform back on track and meet the company goal.

2. Pros

Working place counseling could be described as the psychological therapy for employees of an organization, which was offered by the employer. Nowadays, stress was a big topic within employees; stress may come from the varies sources, pressure could be caused by work factors (e.g. Work load, Shift work, Interpersonal relationship, Change, Organization climate, Physical environment, Role ambiguity etc), External factors (Economic conditions, Government laws and regulations, Travel, Community value, Crime, Personal and family affairs etc) and Personal factors (Needs, Type A behavior etc) (Stone, R.J. 2011). After economic crisis in 2008, the pressure was became bigger and bigger. Economy recovered rate was very slow; most of the companies were talking about cut loss, employees were threaten by losing their job every day, even they could retain their job, they need to accept the high work load, lack of family time and doing things which were out of their responsibility. They found that life-style was no longer existed; most of time was spent in office or upgrading themselves. The only aim was to retain their position. Indeed, employees also face the pressure from their family; the education policy from the government was vague and the policy was changed very often, planning the future for their children was another big challenge to them. Moreover, mid-age employees started to worry their life after retirement. Were the retirement plan enough for rest of life? So there were a lot of challenges to give them pressure. As a result, their work performance would finally be affected; therefore workplace counseling was a good practice of an organization to provide to the employees to seek a win-win situation. First of all, enterprise’s image within community was getting poor and poor. Politician had protested that enterprises were only care about their profit, they ignored the employee’s life and many employees had been treated unfairly. If companies launch an external workplace counseling...
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