Employee Satisfaction: a Tool for Performance Management

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PGDM HR, ITM Businesss School, Navi Mumbai

PGDM HR, ITM Businesss School, Navi Mumbai

The HR function of any organization has the most important challenging job of "making the most" of their Human Resource. An employee can give his best to the organization only if he is in a good "frame of mind". In today's fast-paced corporate world, there is virtually no organization free of stress or stress-free employees. A mentally preoccupied or troubled individual will be in a position to give very little to his company. The employees can be stressed, depressed, suffering from too much anxiety arising out of various workplace related issues like managing deadlines, meeting targets, lack of time to fulfill personal and family commitments, or bereaved and disturbed due to some personal problem etc. Organizations have realized the importance of having a stress-free yet motivated and capable workforce. Therefore, many companies have integrated the counseling services in their organizations and making it a part of their culture. Organizations are offering the service of employee counseling to its employees. Counseling is helping an individual to help himself.

Need for Employee counseling arises due to various causes in addition to stress. These causes include: emotions, interpersonal problems and conflict at place, inability to meet job demands, over work-load, confrontation with authority, responsibility and accountability, conflicts with superiors, subordinates and management and various family problems, health problems, career problems, etc.

Employee counseling can be explained as providing help and support to the employees to face and sail through the difficult times in life. At many points of time in life or career people come across some problems either in their work or personal life when it starts influencing and affecting their performance and, increasing the stress levels of the individual. Counseling is guiding, consoling, advising and sharing and helping to resolve their problems whenever the need arises.

Employee counseling can be very helpful in performance management. The continued monitoring of work performance is the only method of assessment open to the manager. When performance is below established standards, the manager should discuss the facts with the employee and assist that person to return to an acceptable standard within the framework of the organization’s disciplinary policy. Employee counseling can help deal with poor performance of an employee by arranging a performance or disciplinary interview. This can help the counselor to understand what are the issues faced by the employee and the reasons for his performance decline and also give the employee appropriate performance intervention measures. The manager should not become involved in private matters; their focus must remain on the work performance of the employee. However, the counselor at all times must have a non judgmental perspective and maintain objectivity. Counseling for problem employees can create a harmonious work environment and help reduce performance decline. Counseling techniques differ from case to case. But with any problem employee, counseling aims to resolve negative behaviors in a diplomatic yet effective way, minimizing stress for everyone involved. Keywords: Employee Counseling, Performance Management

1. Introduction:
Historically, the term counseling has always been prevalent in the society but with various meanings attached to it like that of mental disorder, personal problems, alcoholism, etc. People were scared to be associated with such terms. But with the passage of time, the term counseling has evolved giving it a new perspective. Counseling is nothing but understanding Human Emotions free from any prejudice and that is what today’s managers need and should strive to achieve. Employee counseling...
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