Human Resource Management

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JUNE 2010


Instructions to candidates:
a)Time allowed: Three hours (plus an extra ten minutes’ reading time at the start – do not write anything during this time) b)Answer any FIVE questions
c)All questions carry equal marks. Marks for each question are shown in [ ]

1.a)Describe the main points that are covered in the seven point plan during the selection procedure of new staff in the hospitality industry.[10] b)Construct an application form that clearly indicates the main information that an applicant will be expected to supply when applying for a job.[10]

2.a)Identify main criteria that you would expect to find included in an appraisal form.[10] b)Compile a list of guidelines that an interviewer may use as a checklist when conducting an appraisal interview.[10]

3.a)Discuss the most important principles for fringe benefits to be effective.[14] b)Describe the external factors that influence the nature of fringe benefits.[6]

4.Compare and contrast groups with organisations.[20]

5.a)Discuss the main functions and responsibilities normally covered by a specialist Personnel Management department.[10] b)Describe main issues amongst employees in the hospitality industry that Human Resources may have to deal with.[10]

6.a)Customer care is essential in the hospitality industry. Discuss fully the main EIGHT components that should be included when offering service.[16] b)List steps that may be taken to minimise dissatisfaction when queuing for a meal.[4]

7.a)What are the main objectives to consider when Human Resource planning?[10] b)Discuss why keeping personnel records on employees is essential to the Human Resources department.[10]

8.Examine the principles of incentives schemes, giving examples in the hospitality industry. [20]

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