Human Resource Management

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Application Case-1
Finding People Who Are Passionate About What They Do
Executive Summary:
Trilogy Enterprises inc. is a fast growing software company with a unique and highly unorthodox culture. It provides solutions for automotive and telecommunications companies to gather and analyze consumer data, and acquire customers in the United States and internationally. The company’s solutions include Smart Leads; an Internet based scoring and segmentation service to predict consumers’ likelihood to buy and to enhance the sales process with consumer data; and, an automotive portal, which helps car manufacturers to enhance sales by determining the purchase propensity of customers. It also offers that include tariff plan wizard, which provides solutions to partner operators that enable competition subscribers to compare their current plans/spend against partner operator plans and submit leads; and sales force empowerment that enables sales executives to make recommendations to prospective customers. The company was founded in 1989 and is based in Austin, Texas with additional offices in Bangalore, India; and Hangzhou, China. Trilogy Enterprises, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Trilogy Software, Inc. 1.Identify some of the established recruiting techniques that underlie Trilogy’s unconventional approach to attracting talent? Answer: Trilogy actively recruits potential employees early in the hiring cycle. Their techniques include- a. Reviewing resumes (over 15,000 in one year).

b. Attending job and career fairs.
c. Conducting on campus interviews (over 4,000 in one year). d. Flying in prospects for interviews.
e. And having more personalized procedures for handling top recruits. 2.What particular elements of Trilogy’s culture most likely appeal to the kind of employees it seeks? How does it convey those elements to job prospects? Answer: A number of company characteristics many appeal to programmers, including- a. No dress code.

b. No regular work schedule.
c. Self-directed scheduling.
d. Workers with similar interests technically challenging work. 3.Would Trilogy be an appealing employer for you? Why or why not? If not what would it take for you to accept a job offer from trilogy? Answer: People may answer this either way. People who require more structure may want to know about career paths, mentoring and measures of success. They may want the company to make some sort of symbolic comment to them. 4.What suggestions would you make to Trilogy for improving its recruiting processes? Answer: Trilogy’s recruiting processes can be improved by- a. Attracting.

b. Screening.
c. Selecting qualified people and it must be done purely. d. Define the problem with the current recruiting process and establish project goals e. Measure the process performance using the metrics company has selected. f. Demonstrating the effectiveness of the improvements using a comparison of performance before and after the process change. Application Case-2

Where's My Czar
Executive Summary:
The primary problem in this case is that the management decision to give this position (the administration’s assistant commerce secretary for manufacturing) to a very irresponsible person who is not perfect for this job. And the lake of information about the market screening for this particular position, because we are not clear that whether they screened the market appropriately for the right candidate or not. Therefore their decision to hire Mr. Raimondo is not right for this position. The secondary problem is that Mr. Raimondo created job opportunities in china by outsourcing the portion of this business and running this business in Nebraska, which went against the strategies White house was implementing to create manufacturing jobs in US. Therefore if we see the major problem in this case from HR perspective, we found that the HRM department in White house lack the selection...
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