Human Resources as a Core Competence

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A Review of Literature

Human Resources as a Core Competence

Jaree L Campbell

Mr. Gary Park
HR353 Introduction to Human Resource Management
May 4, 2013

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Human Resources as a Core Competence
Competencies are basic qualifications necessary to achieve human resources goals. In the human resources field, actual knowledge of human resources processes is the only discipline-specific competency. Businesses consider necessary HR competencies as communication skills, negotiation skills, qualified recruitment, and strategic improvement of the perception of human capital value, human resources knowledge, effective training, ethical business practices and integrity. Communication skills -- written and verbal -- are basic competencies all human resources staff must have. Communication is fundamental to serving the needs of internal customers as well as external customers. Within the context of HR, internal customers are current employees and external customers are applicants, job seekers, former employees and human resource services providers such as outsourcing agents.

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Literature Review
(Article 1) Core Competencies of a Human Resource Manager
Core competencies of a human resource manager are the attributes essential to success in this position. Human resource managers who hold certain core competencies have a competitive edge over those that don’t and give the business they work for a competitive advantage in their industry. Negotiation Skills: Effective human resource managers have communication and relationship skills that allow them to negotiate win-win situations for the company and the employees they hire. Whether large or small, each business has certain constraints on its budget for salary, benefits and placement for employees. Workers too, have certain needs and minimums that must be met. Qualified Recruitment: In human resources, qualifying is the process of narrowing down...

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