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Strategic HR Management
HSA 530: Healthcare Human Resource Management
April 28, 2013
The human resource department is placed with the responsibility of ensuring that the company plans adequately for all the organization’s present and future engagements that will involve people. One important aspect of this is planning for employees in the organization. Human resource takes the organization under their wing and does whatever to increase value of the organization. This paper will discuss the competencies in HR, discuss challenges, and preparation of HR position and create a strategic view for the Medical University of South Carolina. Describe the unique challenges of managing the human resources function for your specific organization.

Receiving the position of vice president over human resource at the Medical University of SC is going to be a difficult challenge. The medical university has gone from a private hospital into a hospital that is one of the top academic health science center. The medical center has over 700 hundred beds and has six different colleges that train over 2,600 health care professionals per year. As vice president of MUSC, I will have to report to the CEO of the organization as well as multiple other vice presidents that are over other areas. One challenge that may arise is leadership development. Sometimes you have to ask yourself whether leaders are born or made? But the main objective is to develop leadership qualities. Training is a great tool and it used for long-term goals. According to Flynn, Mathis and Jackson (2011), “HR professionals in all segments of the industry will be faced with the challenge of recruiting and retaining the right number of competent employees for their organizations” (p. 11). The goal is to build the best team as possible then invest in training and reap the reward later on down the road. The next things to do as Vice President is build a collaboration with the team. The team is guaranteed to work better if they have a great leader. Once success has been achieve then there will be a reward to compliment work ethics. Eventually the ultimate goal is to bring the team up to the leadership circle. As vice president it is important to have good communication skills. Communication may vary with different teams and what works for one team may not work for another. Leaders must also be accountable for their actions and be able to accept failure at some point of their career. Analyze the competencies required for your specific position, and determine in which areas you need to develop. Provide specific examples to support your rationale.

As vice president, I think it is important to identify the five competencies that are critical to high performing HR leaders. The first is strategic contribution. With strategic contribution it is important to be available and to add value to the performance of the business. Second is personal credibility. Personal credibility involves being able to deliver what is promised, establishing a successful track record and developing effective written and verbal skills. Third is HR delivery. Designing and implementing the HR process that effectively deliver the HR services required by the organization. With our company being so large, multiple departments will benefit and can possibly help others along the way. One major thing that the technology can help with is for the use of training and hiring our new employees. Fourth is business knowledge. Business knowledge is understanding the organization’s business, how revenue is generated and the business processes. The mission is key to revenue generation because it gives vital insight to HR. The final core competency is HR technology. This involves understanding and leveraging technology to enhance the delivery of HR services and adding value to customers through technology. With all the advances in the industry, it would not hurt to stay updated with resources. One major part...
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