human resource management

Topics: Management, Organizational studies and human resource management, Employment Pages: 9 (3089 words) Published: January 15, 2014
In current period, the operating organization especially in the international basis confront with several challenges. The changing structure of the economy, technological changing and the opening of markets to global market and the development in professional and service occupations make it impossible for business to survive very long doing the same work in the same way. The change in employment and occupational patterns has led to the change in skill requirement and work hour demand. These changes in the external and the internal environment pose the burden on human resource role to overcome the challenge. Some challenges are possibly met by organization are sustainability, global challenges and technology. Those difficulties affect significantly to the survival and the development of the organization. Thus, human resource management plays an important role in order to help organization survive and compete in a constant changing environment. This requires human resource executives and managers to take responsibility to find the most suitable strategy to resolve problems and flexibly adapt to various situations. This essay will first attempt to identify those three major challenges facing by organizations. This is followed by explaining and critical evaluating human resource practice which used to address those challenges. The technology advance, the changing in customer demand and the growth of competitor causes changes in the employment expectations. For instance, the global competitive environment requires business to meet frequently changes in the quality, creativeness, innovation, timeliness of employee contributions and the skill needed to provide them. Those changes prompt business to restructure, mergers, acquisition, dismiss and extend working hour for many employees (Noe et al, 2010). Employees are expected to take more responsibility for their own career, provide excellent customer service and work with high productivity level. In return for good job performance and long working hours without security from organization, employee also expect organization to provide training, job experience, flexible working hour, comfortable working environment, more autonomy in accomplishing work and financial motivation based on their performance (Noe et al, 2010). Human resource practice such as the measure of the organizational commitment and employee engagement is supposed to be an effective practice to meet sustainability challenge. The challenge faced by organization is to build the organizational commitment within workforce. Meyer and Allen (1997) believe that human resource management practice has impact on the commitment of employee (cited in Zaitouni et al, 2011). Performance management system provides employees performance feedback and recognition for employee’s accomplishments. According to Davies (2001), praise, appreciation and positive feedback form manager and colleagues is important to create job satisfaction and commitment (cited in Zaitouni et al 2011). Recognition for the accomplishment is attributed to a motivational tool to encourage employees to generate a good performance. Agarwal and Ferratt (1999) claim that recognition contributes to the involvement of employee and maintaining the feeling of being an important part of organization (Cite in Zaitouni et al, 2011). Training and development provides employees the chance for the career promotion within business (Noe et al, 2010). Investment in professional development training by organization is considered to be one of human resource management practice to construct the feeling of commitment within labor force. Organization considers individual development as a valued goal of organization that will enhance employees’ ethic in workplace and the loyalty of employee to organization. Gomez- Mejia, Balkin and Cardy (1995) found that training is an effective tool to improve specific skills and correct performance problems to empower workers with the skill needed...
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