Human Relations

Topics: Motivation, Human, Self-esteem Pages: 4 (1172 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Short Questions
1. What seven themes emerge from a study of human relations? Describe each one briefly The seven themes are communication, self-awareness, self-acceptance, motivation, trust, self-disclosure and conflict resolution. Communication is the foundation of the study of human relations. It includes expression of views and emotions via words and body language. Self awareness, self acceptance, self disclosure and trust are all inter related. They refer to our ability to understand ourselves and the people around us and make necessary efforts to trust them and express ourselves freely so as to form good relations. Motivation is the inner drive and is extremely important for achieving goals in life. Conflict resolution is another important component of human relations and refers to our ability to make peace with others around us and resolve issues easily. All seven themes are important for forming good relations.

2. Compare the advantages of using email
There are various advantages of using email. With the advent of globalization the world is now one global village and the so called barriers are becoming transparent day by day. In order to communicate effectively one need a fast, easy and accessible medium of communication and email is one of those mediums. There are various substitutes for email available such as letters, SMS, social networking sites but they have not been able to deliver the same benefits as email. Email is cost effective and saves one from paying telephone bills or packaging charges. Most important of all, it is reliable, fast and easily understandable. Email also gives a company a professional outlook and is considered one of the best mediums of communication today’s era.

3. Identify five ways you can motivate yourself
Motivation is the inner drives that directs and maintains a particular behavior. There are various ways you can motivate yourself such as * Setting goals: You can set goals that are achievable...

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