The Human Relation Class Help Me

Topics: Psychology, Human, Developmental psychology Pages: 3 (919 words) Published: April 12, 2011
Amy M. Orquera
22 March 2011
Human Relation in Organization

How helped me the Human Relation Class

The Human Relations class has helped me in my life because it is an important tool for personal and professional development of human beings. I personally helped me to improve interpersonal relations, as these play a key role in developing the whole person. Through relationships, I as an individual I've reached an important social reinforcement of the immediate surroundings that have helped me to my adaptation. But the contrary, the lack of these skills have led me to rejection, isolation and ultimately limit the quality of life. For these reasons I take the attitude of taking the human relations class to acquire these skills that it is important to my personal development, social and professional. By continuation I’ll describe the general themes about the importance of human relationships that have helped me gain a better development in my daily life. * First of all, in the context of human relationships, the communication plays an important role because it is through communication that I could create and I maintain all types of relationships such as family, social and labor. To achieve the development of my relationships has been necessary to study and understand the importance of human relationships in order to make communication a necessary tool for me and especially to develop strong relationships that benefit my love to all stakeholders and the society that surrounds me. * On the other hand, through the human relations class that I received has helped me to strengthen my goals, taking the opportunity to create win – win situations, and achieving what I really want, and taking in consideration the goals and needs of the people are around me. * Another important point in human relations is the human being behavior. Understanding the behavior of others it is a bit complicated for me, but thanks to the knowledge I have gained in the human...
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