Workplace Challenges

Topics: Stress management, Anger, Chronic stress Pages: 6 (1570 words) Published: May 6, 2013

Workplace Challenges:
A Review of Current Stressors, Anger Management, and the Developement of Coping Techniques Dwayne Adams
Metropolitan Community College

This paper was prepared for HMRL 1010 5B Human Relationship Skills Spring 2012-13
Instructor, Melinda J. Classen, M.S.


Many nations and various groups compete and continuously reposition theirselves to gain international standing in the post modern world. 21st. Century America is no exeption and continues to remain one of the “standouts” of this global socio-economic matrix. To maintain this present leading position, one necessary method seems to be the development of ”Human Relations Skills” as a whole. One of the factors that influence this development is the understanding of stressors, and developing and improving coping strategies to effectively deal with them and how they relate to the workplace. This paper suggests that to be successful in today's competitive and diversified workplace, it has become increasingly important for any ambitious worker to understand any such stressors. It also examines these stressors, and typical reaction patterns. Additional queries investigate personal anger expression. Emphasis is given to various techniques to develop and improve stress and anger management strategies, and to effectively deal with change. The purpose is to achieve the improvements previously stated as necessary to remain competitive in the workplace.

A Review of Current Stressors, Anger Management,
and Effective Strategy Development

Discription of General Stressors
As in most things that concern elements of the “human condition”, stress is unavoidable. Everyone is vulnerable to it, and the factors that contribute to it. It can affect the heart, weight, and the codition of the skin. It can cause headaches, cancer, and the general decline of health.The death of loved ones, divorce, and many other things can affect daily living.

Professionally, negative stress can be caused by job overload,, role conflict, and ambiguity. Adverse environmental conditions, and adverse interaction with customers, clients,and co-workers can affect job performance. According to the “Parade” magazine October 25, 2009 issue, Dr. Ranit Mishori writes in the StayHealthy Column, pp. 16-17, “Can Stress Make You Sick?”, “that ongoing stress, the kind you might face when you're experiencing marital, financial, or work-related problems or are caring for a sick relative, influences your abilty to function and may lower your immunity”

It is paramount to develop and impliment methods of maintaining a healthy balance of those unavoidable stresses and those things that act as a counter. Ignoring the existance of stress factors can be as destructive as professional incompetence. Many careers have been destroyed by a workers inability or unwillingness to change and adapt to the demands of the modern workplace.

Successful management and elimination or modificaton of the stressors increase the opportunities for advancement in the workplace, by enabling one to manuever through continously changing environments. As technology changes, and the economic needs of employers necessitate making the workforce more efficient and effective, employees with well honed human relations skill have the advantage. SECTION C: WORKPLACE CHALLENGES 4 Triggers

Negative Stressors
Setting Unrealistic Goals...

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