Human Dynamics

Topics: Management, Employment, Public sector Pages: 4 (1575 words) Published: August 21, 2013
CASE 2 RAMDEV INDUSTRIES LIMITED Suraj Kapoor passed his B.Sc. in 2000 and joined a commercial bank in the clerical cadre. He Serve there for three years. He was not happy with the job prospects and wanted a better deal in life. He quit the job obtained his post-graduate qualification in personnel management, and thereafter/took up a job with a large public sector organization in Pune as a Trainee Officer in the Personnel Department. He was confirmed as a Personnel Officer after the completion of training with the company in 2007. The personnel Department was headed by a Manager. Next in the management hierarchy was one Deputy Manager followed by two Assistant Managers and six officers in the department. They were supported by a battalion of office and clerical staff. Suraj was assigned the task of maintaining certain statutory documents. He was quite enthusiastic and wanted to bring about many improvements. His work, however, hardly provided any scope for originality. The bureaucracy never permitted any change easily. Besides, at his level in the hierarchy, he could not wield much influence on any matter. His salary and perks were, however, quite comparable to those in any other organisation and there was adequate freedom and security of job. Though he was not very happy, he tried to reconcile himself to his job. When Ramdev Industries Limited (RIL), Delhi advertise for the post of "Senior Personnel Officer", he decided to apply for the post. He had reasons to do so in spite of the fact that he was reasonably comfortable in the public sector organisation. First, Ramdev Industries was a leading company in the private sector; secondly, the Personnel Manager of the company was due to retire shortly and the incumbent of the new post was to replace him in due course; thirdly, he would have a much broader span of work and would be able to implement many of his ideas which he could not do in the public sector organisation because of the bureaucratic element that...
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