model of human occupation

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MODEL OF HUMAN OCCUPATION (MOHO) – Gary Kielhofner 1980s. First contemporary model to articulate a focus on occupation in practice. Top down model. (As it begins with occupation.)
Client centred as stresses the importance of incorporating the client’s perspective and desires. Holistic model as the MOHO seeks to explain how occupation is motivated, patterned and performed. Evidence based.

3 components in a constant dynamic interaction, (‘resonating’ (G.K)) if one of these changes it results in occupational dysfunction. PERSON:
VOLITION (our motivation to choose to engage in an activity is influenced by:) – Values, Interests (preferences) and personal causation (knowledge of capacity). Gained through experiences and dispositions (enjoyment) and these are continually changing as new experiences reinforce and challenge existing dispositions.

HABITUATION – Habits and Roles
For habits to develop actions must be repeated to form patterns/routines and the environment has to be consistent. MOHO states that we behave and act in a learned way that are association with a social identity, our actions are embedded in our social roles. Roles influence our interactions with others, the style, manner and content and the tasks that shape our daily routine. Disability or illness can disturb established habits and roles, therefore would require relearning in order to change habituation.

PERFORMANCE CAPACITY – Mental and physical ability.
One’s ability to perform an act.
Capabilities include musculoskeletal, cardiopulmonary, neurological and other systems that enable function. These capabilities are assessed objectively, whereas experiences are subjective and these both shape performance.

Physical, social, cultural, economic, political etc.
Provides opportunity and resources for engagement and presses for certain behaviours and can present constraints to engagement. Different environments with have different effects on each person as humans are...
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