People and their environments

Topics: Metaphor, Poetry, Natural environment Pages: 2 (653 words) Published: November 19, 2013
Robert Frost's poem 'Mending Wall' intricately explores how human kind's primal instincts shape their envrionment. Judith Beveridge's Poem 'Domesticity of Giraffes' also cleverly examines the treatment Women receive from their environment or society. Both Robert Frost and Judith beveridge represent people and their environments in unique and evocative ways through the use of allegories, tropes and poem structure. this is evident in 'Mending Wall' by frost, and 'Domesticity of Giraffes' by Beveridge. Frost uses extended metaphors with multi-layered meaning to them in relation to the wall, as well as an intentional wall-like construction of the poem's structure. Beveridge also uses allegorical language to uniquely and evocatively represent women and their harsh and unnatural environment. Furthermore, Both Poets use tropes and other language devices such as juxtaposition, personification, oxymorons, repetition and similes. The poets use these tropes and other language devices in a way that is, once again, unique and evocative.

Both Frost and Beveridge use Allegories as the focal point of their poems in order to emphasise and express their opinions on people and their environments. in 'Mending Wall' Frost uses the wall as both a physical and metaphorical structure. on a literal sense the wall is physically acting as a barrier to separate the neighbours and their properties: "And set the wall between us again. We keep the wall between us as we go." However, metaphorically the wall is seen as an emotional and social barrier. This is evident within this same quote. The two neighbours come together to build the same wall together. However, the two are reconstructing this wall with one on either side, making sure that they are continually and consistently apart and distant. This point is also supported by line 30. " 'Why do they make good neighbours?' ." When put into context this reveals how the speaker questions the actual purpose of the existence of such a wall as...
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