Human Biology Report

Topics: Statistics, Gender, Arithmetic mean Pages: 3 (691 words) Published: October 16, 2013

The main findings of the present study were that the number of push up significantly in male than female, in contrast to the pulse rate, could be attributed at least partially to the greater aerobic fitness in male compared to the female students (see Figure 2).

With thorough analysis of the results, the null hypothesis has been proven correct as there is no significant difference in the mean maximal pulse rate change of subjects who could do fewer than 20 push-ups and subjects who could do 20 or more push-ups. The P value for the t-test of the heart rate changes of students who completed less or over 20 push – ups was over 0.05. The results indicated that the mean value were very similar, showing a difference of only 0.9383 (refer to Appendix for the raw mean value results). These figures are based on the study of all 149 entries of data which include both males and females.

Evidently, there is a large difference of variance within these above results and is consistent with the range of the results of data collected. The ranges of the data sets suggest that the spread of scores around the mean were consistent. Majority of subjects displayed a significant increase in max VO2 and an inclusive decrease in the heart rate when both released the same absolute power output after training but also showed no/insignificant difference in heart rate (Skinner JS, et al). The male individuals in this experiment could complete more push up than females according to the t-test results. For explanation, the research done by Zemba and Rogel about the dancer in a different gender might suggest an answer. Male dancers have higher 24 hour systolic blood pressures than female dancers and that was related to a large mass of left ventricles and large maximal exercise load, which could be influenced by size, body sexhormone and other factors (Zemba and Rogel, 2001)

The null hypothesis that there were no significant difference in the mean number of push-ups...
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