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Physiology of the Circulatory System Activity
1) When a person goes from a prone position to standing up, all of the blood rushes from to the feet due to gravity. This causes reduced blood flow back to the heart, which in turn causes reduced cardiac output. The baroreceptors help to increase blood pressure and heart rate as seen through the baroreceptor reflex test, with a resting systolic heart rate of 54bpm to a baroreceptor reflex heart rate of 70bpm, an increase of 16bpm.

2) Having high blood pressure can cause a variety of different negative effects if not treated including, damage to arteries and veins, heart problems and possibly failure due to it needing to work harder to pump blood, stroke from damaged/weakened blood vessels in the brain. High blood pressure is not always but can be caused by numerous things such as being overweight, genetic high blood pressure, not exercising, and not eating healthy with an appropriate amount of sodium. High blood pressure can be avoided by eating healthy, and not eating a lot of sodium. High blood pressure can also be avoided with regular exercise.

3) For my physical fitness test I scored a total score of 15, for a cardiovascular fitness level of good. To continue to become more physically fit, I should continue to swim and run cross country to stay fit. I should also continue to try and eat healthier including a diet lower in sodium and to drink less pop and other junk food. This will help me to not just become healthier, but also to feel and compete better.

4) False, a conditioned athlete will have a stronger heart. This requires it to beat much less frequently than someone who is in poor shape. The person in poor shape will have a weaker heart rate because there heart is not as strong and needs to pump more blood.

5) A pacemaker is a small device placed in the abdomen to help keep a normal heart rhythm. It accomplishes this by electrical impulses, delivered by electrodes to contract the heart muscle.

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