Human aids sample

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Human aids

Is someone that wants to get to know you where they built supportive relationship- need and using the right skills e.g. listening to them and understanding them well. It’s a barrier for people who live alone (homeless). Zoey is 17 years old and she ran away from home and lives in a homeless care home and she feels lonely and wants someone to talk to so she can share what has happen to her. This links to emotional and social because she feels lonely and depressed and socially because she wants to interact with others but finds it hard to trust people around her.


Zoey can open up to the person

zoey might feel less confident
the person might be impatient and trying to get her to open up more also she is young person so she find it hard to open up

General strategies

It is someone that solves problems and creates a win-win situation also negotiating with the person. It can be a barrier for someone who is the influence of drugs and alcohol. Maria is 25 and she is a social worker and is dealing with someone who is under the influence of drugs and alcohol and she tries to stay calm and tries to have an interest in them. This links to emotional because her friend cares for her and want’s to help her out and it can also be physical because her friend might be out of control so to stop her of doing something stupid she might get hurt and injured.

Technological aids
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