28 Stories of Aids in Africa Reflection

Topics: United States, English-language films, Africa Pages: 2 (809 words) Published: May 12, 2013
To reflect on something is to understand it and I cannot truly say that I completely understand this book. I have seen death before and a lot of people I care about have died yet I cannot understand. Death is not always around me as it is with the people in this book. I never raised a family was I was ten years old like Tigist was forced to. At ten years old the worst thing that happened to me was my parents got divorced. When Tigist was ten years old her mother, father, and stepfather had all died. I cannot begin to understand any of that. I can read the book but I cannot understand it. I cannot imagine it either. Little children being left in the world with no parents or anyone to help them. To think I get nervous and barely survive when my mother goes away for a weekend. I cannot understand that world.

Life is not valued in Africa like it is in America which is one of the sadder things in this book. Not only knowing that your mother/father/brother/sister is going to die but they know it also. They know that they are going to die and just waiting to die. Waiting to die, something that as a kid growing up in Boston I could never imagine anyone doing. Every single time I read something in this book I tried to put myself in their shoes and think what I would do. I’d say if that was me I’d start by rushing to the hospital and... Then it would hit me they cannot go to a hospital. In Boston you can barely travel for an hour and not pass a hospital. So I cannot put myself in that situation because I do not understand.

To sit there and die when I first began reading this book I thought was a form of defeat and a sign that they had gave up. But as I began to think more and more about it I realized that to be defeated there had to be a chance of winning in the beginning. Every single odd is against them at all times. It is 2013 and yet we discuss that so many people have little to no chance of surviving. In America we discuss that people have little to no...
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